Cecil Times Returns!

June 15, 2009

   We put our little blog in its crib to take a long winter’s nap after the November elections, thinking we had done our part to inform voters with original reporting on issues and campaign finance that the public should know about — but had not been reported in our local newspaper or the regional press. We thought our work was done; after all, we don’t get paid for this and wordpress doesn’t allow advertising on blogs it hosts for free.

   A lot has happened since we began our nap.

  The Whig has been castrated even more by its Australian ownership, with the firing of the few people who had any knowledge of Cecil County history and issues, as part of a cost-cutting scheme. The Baltimore Sun, which only rarely covered Cecil County in recent years, suffered the Calvert Street Massacre in which a third of the news staff was summarily dismissed as the latest insult imposed by its Chicago real estate magnate owner.  And the Cecil County blogging landscape turned into a mudwrestler’s haven. (With the exception of our favorite www.someonenoticed.wordpress.com blog hosted by the erudite and always interesting Mike Dixon.)

    So we think it’s time for The Cecil Times to wipe the sleep from our eyes, put on the coffee pot and fire up our keyboard. We will soon pick up where we left off:  looking at important election issues and campaign finance matters. We all just recovered from the last election but the next election season is already upon us: campaign 2010 is already underway.

    See you on the blog or around the Cecil County neighborhoods.

   –The Cecil Times