EXCLUSIVE: Janusz to Withdraw from Cecil Commissioner’s Race; Lockhart Likely to Run Again

  The Cecil Times has learned that Democrat Joe Janusz is expected to withdraw as a Democratic candidate for  the 3rd District Cecil County Commissioner seat in this year’s election.

   Informed sources tell us that Janusz, a current member of the county’s Planning Commission, will issue a letter in the next few days withdrawing his candidacy for the Commissioner seat. Janusz, who was widely considered to be a rising star in local Democratic politics, had previously run as a newcomer to local politics for the same Commissioner’s seat in the last election in ’06. He impressed many voters with his thoughtful, reasoned letters and position papers on local issues.

   Janusz had filed last summer for the Commissioner’s seat currently held by Democrat Brian Lockhart, who had previously announced that he would not run again for the commissioner’s seat. Lockhart, who had been the President of the 5-member Cecil County Board of Commissioners, had been looking at a run for the State Senate seat currently held by Republican Nancy Jacobs, according to informed sources.

  But with the sudden withdrawal by Janusz from the county Commissioner contest, Lockhart is expected to re-consider his options and seek to run again for his Commissioner’s seat.

WATCH  The Cecil Times News Blog for  further updates on this important breaking news story!


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