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    All the news that The Cecil Whig is too lazy, hazy or afraid to print: that’s our motto.

    For a county that has grown to more than 100,000 population, we deserve better than we are getting from our local print newspaper (and its online, subscription-only web presence.)  You won’t read in The Whig, for example, that their publishing company, Chesapeake Publishing, Inc.,  is owned by a subsidiary of an Australian media empire. Globalization comes to Cecil County. Do they really care about our county, or just the profits they can reap and send back to Aussieland?

    So welcome to The Cecil Times, where we hope to present news, community information, documents and views you won’t find elsewhere. But you will have to look elsewhere for a lot of four letter words, threats of violence and other assorted sins of the regional blogging world. We are a bit too civil, and civilized, for that.

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