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[The Cecil Times is launching a new feature, Letters to the Editor. We still welcome comments on individual news articles but decided to create this page after receiving a letter from one of our regular readers that  did not pertain to a particular news article. Some ground rules: please supply a name and a real email address (the email address will not be published) so we can verify it and avoid spam. Letters should be emailed to: ceciltimes@gmail.com.  We will then post letters on this page, with the most recent letters on top of the page. Cecil Times reserves the right to publish letters, or not, at our discretion. Keep it short, keep it clean, keep it civil.]



From:  Joe Carabetta

    Now that all the votes have been counted, I would like to thank all the voters who turned out to vote on 14 September or during early voting, and especially the ones that honored me with their vote for Cecil County Republican Central Committee. This was certainly a year where your vote really counted. In the election for Republican Central Committee, there were only 57 votes which separated five people running for nine of the slots available.

  Now we must focus on November 2nd and the early voting period which runs from 22-28 October, except for Sunday the 24th, to insure that the voters are energized to come out and vote. This election will be the most pivotal of our lifetime.  We must choose between continuing on the path of reckless spending, big government control of your life and runaway taxation, or one of controlled spending, smaller government and lower taxes. The choice is yours!

Thank you again for exercising your right to vote which has been secured by the blood, sweat and tears of our country’s veterans, both past and present.



From: Chris Sutton

I am proud to announce that the Cecil County Correctional Officers Association and the Cecil County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #2 and the Cecil County Paramedics Association have given me their endorsement to be your next Sheriff.

(Editor’s Note: You can read the FOP Lodge 2 endorsement statement here: )   http://www.cecilfop2.com/Main/2010_fop_sheriff_endorsement.pdf



From: Anneliese Johnson

  Over the past four years, Maryland has endured business and job losses, tax increases and dishonesty from Annapolis. It is critical that we act upon the opportunity of this election year to replace [Gov. Martin] O’Malley with an honest, hardworking governor who will lead our great state out of the mire we are in. Bob Ehrlich is the man for the job.

   Ehrlich’s Roadmap to 2020 promotes real solutions for the problems facing our state, not vague talking points and empty rhetoric. 216,000 Marylanders are unemployed and this number just keeps growing. Maryland experienced the largest increase in unemployment in the nation in August. Bob Ehrlich’s Small Business Bill of Rights will attract and win back businesses that have left the state because of high tax burdens and stifling regulation. Worker retraining will get our unemployed citizens ready and qualified for new positions. He will also repeal the 20% increase in state sales tax, something that has personally impacted each of us, and he will oppose the 43 new taxes that Annapolis is currently looking to generate.

 Bob Ehrlich will bring common sense back to the budgeting process, using conservative revenue estimates and a value for dollar examination process so that our government will be better fiscal stewards of our tax dollars. You can view the Roadmap to 2020 at http://www.bobehrlich.com for more information on Ehrlich’s plan for Maryland. The arrogance and misrepresentations by Annapolis must be answered with clear, deliberate action. Vote Bob Ehrlich for Maryland.

(Editor’s Note: Ms. Johnson was an unsuccessful candidate for Republican Central Committee in the recent primary.)



From: Al Reasin

   Recently the letters to the editor at the Whig from the Smigiel/Pipkin slate have taken on a personal attack tone; they know we cannot respond because of the Whig’s policy.  One suggested the leadership of the Cecil County Patriots (CCP) be replaced.  The letters from the members of the slate skirted the issue that concerned the CCP steering committee of which I am a member: the use of the TEA Party label of approval.  They have yet to demonstrate that any TEA Party organization has actually approved their candidacies.  

  One letter said the CCP leadership left out that we were running against him for the [Republican] Central Committee.  We have 5 members on the steering committee and 2 are running for the Republican Central Committee.  The CCP as an organization has not and will not approve/endorse these candidates; I am not on the ballot.  The CCP does not approve/endorse candidates regardless of who is running for office and we have many candidates who are members, both Democratic and Republican.  We work hard to maintain that position and let me tell you this: it is very hard to do so when candidates are friends, or worse, relatives. …

   As to Delegate Smigiel and Senator Pipkin having taken it upon themselves to announce via an ad in the Cecil Whig on September 3rd that they are “TEA Party Tested and Approved,” that sparked a denunciation from the steering committee of the Cecil County Patriots.  While it is true that Mr. Smigiel has been involved in the TEA Party and has spoken at rallies based on my own observations, he has no more credibility than I have on this issue since I have been involved in the TEA Party movement since February 27, 2009 and have spoken at many TEA Parities as well, even beyond Maryland. 

  As is too often the case with politicians, Delegate Smigiel and Senator Pipkin have placed their own interests and those of their political allies above those of an organization which was and is based on informing the public…

  The disagreement is not that Mr. Smigiel and Pipkin do not have some of the same beliefs as TEA Party members and organizations, but that they have taken the TEA party label and applied it to their entire slate for their own political goals and those of their slate.  Yes, the TEA Party label is not copyrighted, so this comes down to a matter of ethics….The purpose, IMHO, of Mr. Smigiel’s and Pipkin’s slate is to drain support from other Republicans and later Democrats in part by flying the false flag of TEA Party approval.

I observed that in Mr. Smigiel’s letter to the Whig in rebuttal to Donna Caudell, another Cecil County Patriots’ steering committee member, he is careful to never claim an approval of his candidacy or slate by a specific TEA Party organization; the Cecil County Patriots are the Cecil County Tea Party organization.  In Webster, approved is a synonym for endorsed. …

  As the citizens of America loudly decry politics on the national scene, it is now up to the voters to decide the ethics of our local politicians in the use of the TEA Party label by the Smigiel and Pipkin slate.



From: Diogenes

      I see no response on the Delegate Mike [Smigiel] blog. He usually reacts to criticism by demanding apologies, threatening lawsuits, and generally acting like a volcano. Perhaps he has been “Tea Party busted.”  Perhaps [Sen. E.J.] Pipkin has not authorized a response. I patiently await the usually spectacular eruption of Mount Smigiel.



From: Dorothy Sherman

Some of us do not want to be labeled as members of the tea party, and therefore do not attend candidate debates hosted by this group.

At this late date, is there anywhere one can go, to learn a candidate’s stand, on the issues of the day?  There used to be a group called “The League of Women Voters,” but I haven’t heard much of, or from them lately. Do they still exist?

  (Editor’s Note: Dorothy, there is no Cecil County League at this time. There are active chapters in Kent County and Queen Anne’s County that publish a voters’ guide and host candidate forums. They hosted a forum for 36th Dist. Delegate and Senate races which cover Cecil County. See Cecil Times news coverage of that event here:  https://ceciltimes.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/36th-district-candidates-forum-lots-of-me-too-and-a-surprise/ )


9/4/ 10

From: Donna Caudell

Senator E.J. Pipkin and Delegate Michael Smigiel are trying to deceive voters. They, along with their slated Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team, have distributed ads which claim that they are “tea party tested, tea party approved.”  However, the tea party is NOT endorsing or “approving” any candidates. 

 In fact, no individuals on this slate have actively supported or helped their local tea party, and some members have even worked against the principles that the tea party stands for.  There are members of the local tea party group, the Cecil County Patriots, who are running for office, but these individuals have chosen not to use the tea party or Cecil County Patriots name as a tool for their own candidacies.  There are people in the Cecil County Patriots who have sacrificed a lot of time, energy, and wealth to further the tea party agenda of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a government which derives its powers from the people.

  For the Pipkin-Smigiel team to try to co-opt other people’s efforts to use in their own candidacies is unconscionable.  This Pipkin-Smigiel “team,” which includes Ted Patterson, Chris Zeauskas, Michael Dunn, Michael Dawson, Carrie Taylor, Brad Carrilo, James Hutchinson, Jim Mullin, and Joe Tropp, are attempting to deceive voters and as a result do not deserve anyone’s vote.  



From: Al Reasin

   A recent political advertisement entitled, “The Republicans of Cecil Fiscal Conservative Team,” has a statement reading, “Tea Party Tested, Tea Party Approved.”   Delegate Michael Smigiel has a similar statement on some of his campaign literature.  As a member of the Cecil County Patriots steering committee and one who has been very involved in the TEA Party movement since February 27, 2009, I can say unequivocally that the movement in Cecil County does not endorse candidates or parties.

  While our movement may be characterized as conservative and traditional, we have taken great pains to try and remain non-partisan, to serve all voters, and thus do not endorse candidates.  That said, all candidates are welcome to our meetings and can introduce themselves and participate in our discussions. 

  To these candidates listed on the advertisement flying under this false flag of a general TEA Party endorsement, I am angered by this unwarranted. attempted usurpation of our credibility.  They do not show the proper respect towards our Cecil County Patriots grassroots organization nor to the organizers of the Cecil County TEA Parties.  This is a sad day in the politics of Cecil County.


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